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Toddlers (1 – 2 years)

Early Years Child Care - 1-2 years - toddlerWow! Your little one is growing up! They are walking and talking and with this your world is changing. You might have waited until now to go back to work or maybe the grand­parents have been watching them. You may be anxious....

We want you to know we understand that this is a tough time, but we know how important this time is for your child's development. We are there to help build their confidence and make the social skills needed for a good foundation.

With our curriculum your child begins to learn colors, shapes, ABC's and develop language skills. They are doing art work that builds their creativity and you will take it home. With free play and circle time they make friends, learn how to share, and develop their social skills.

Engaging structured learning time that is flexible to adjust to each little ones varying needs. Plenty of exploring time to keep up with your little ones curiosity.


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.....Be sure to checkout our Facebook page! 

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