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Teddy Bears (2 – 3 years)

Early Years Child Care - 2 to 3 years - teddy bearYou are seeing many exciting changes in your child's life!

They are talking, interacting and expressing themselves so much more. In this time period we want to develop and enhance the skills they have already learned while teaching them so much more.

Our caring staff do this through circle time in the morning. Where your child does calendar, pick jobs, and sing songs. Throughout their day an emphasis is placed on language and social skills.

We know your child is very curious and wants to explore and play. We utilize this to help them learn with rice tables, house keeping, dress-up, block play, art and games.

Potty training is really encouraged in this period. Our extremely patient staff works calmly with your child. We have a success rate of about 95%.

Creative and fun learning centers coupled with plenty of hands on learning in a stimulating environment. Potty training support begins when your child is ready.

Space is very limited!
Enroll today to ensure a space!

Website on potty training How to potty train in a week

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