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The Starbright Room

Offered Exclusively at our Gibsonia Location

The Starbright room is only at Gibsonia and only for 3 year old children. With this individual care we are ready for their energy and curiosity!

In this room social and learning skills are intertwined through out the day. With a structured learning from 9:00 am to 11:30 am, an emphasis is placed on education.

Our caring staff teach your child fine motor skills, letter/name recognition, stories, music, and art.

Your child's curiosity allows them to explore the sand table, block area, housekeeping, science area and dress up.

Come Watch Your Child Grow!!!

Website on What skills you can expect kids to learn by age 3?


Starbright Room offers:Early Years Child Care - 3 years - the star bright room

•A world of exploration
•Children learn social skill and learning skills
•Daily reports given to you
•Twice a year we offer parent conferences
•Art work sent home for your viewing
•Circle time in the morning

Enroll Today! Space is Very Limited!!!

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