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Rates, Discounts, & Credits

Upfront and Honest Rates

We understand when looking for a learning center you do not want to sacrifice quality for price. Though, you do not want to pay extraordinary prices either. Our rates are based on our competitors in the region and in most cases are lower. You find we are reasonably priced and when you come in for a tour you see the quality.

Due to variations in operating cost, not all the centers have the same rates.
T​he time a child changes rooms depends on developmental goals being met.

Early Years  Rates (updated 8-21-17)

Allison Park and Gibsonia Locations Full Time (per week) Part Time (per day)
Infant Room (6wks-1yr) $219.00 $54.00
Young Toddler (1-2yrs) $215.00 $53.00
Teddy Bears (2-3yrs) $211.00 $52.00
Starbright(3yrs) (N/A at Allison Park) $207.00 $51.00
Pre-K (4-6yrs) $203.00 $50.00
Butler Location Full Time (per week) Part Time (per day)
Infant Room (6wks-1yr) $209.00 $52.00
Young Toddler (1-2 yrs) $205.00 $51.00
Teddy Bears (2-3yrs) $201.00 $50.00
Starbright (3yrs) $197.00 $49.00
Pre-K (4-6 yrs) $193.00 $48.00
Cranberry Twp. / Freedom Location Full Time (per week) Part Time (per day)
Infant Room (6wks-1yr) $241.00 $60.00
Young Toddler (1-2yrs) $237.00 $59.00
Teddy Bear (2-3yrs) $233.00 $58.00
Starbright (3yrs) $229.00 $57.00
Pre-K (4-6yrs) $225.00 $56.00
Ross Location Full Time (per week) Part time (per day)
Infant Room (6wks-1yr) $229.00 $57.00
Young Todder (1-2yrs) $225.00 $56.00
Teddy Bear (2-3yrs) $221.00 $55.00
Starbright (3yrs) $217.00 $54.00
Pre-K (4-6yrs) $213.00 $53.00

School Age Program

Butler, Gibsonia, and Cranberry Locations Only Up to age 9
Before School

No charge for 2 hour delay if you are enrolled in before school care
$55.00 per week
$12.00 per day
After School $65.00 per week
$14.00 per week
Before and After School $120.00 per week
$105.00 per week (Butler Location Only)
School Cancellation Rate  is the Pre-k rate for your location See Rates above
Summer Camp $165.00 per week
Summer Camp Daily Rate $40.00 per day
Half Day Kindergarten $105.00 per week (Butler Location Only)
School age do not receive discounts or vacation  
  • Payment Options
  • We utilize procare software for all payments.
  • Payments are due one week in advance and are automatically withdrawn from a credit card or bank account.
  • Our preferred payment is withdrawal from your bank account (ACH) or Visa we also accept MasterCard and Discover.

Credit/ Debit Card Processing fee of 3%  (coming in the fall)

If you swipe a credit/ debit card at the kiosk or use a credit/debit card as your preferred payment for auto withdrawal there will be a charge of 3% per occurrence.  This is the same fee we get charged.  To avoid this fee simply use the bank account withdrawal option(ACH),

Additional Charges and Information

  • Registration Fee:  We require a $50.00 registration fee per child and first week tuition to register. (non refundable)            -Registration and first week is due before your child attends a center.
  • Check Handling Fee: If payment by check is made $5.00 handling fee per occurrence (Not including registration payment)
  • Clock in out Fee

    Your child’s safety and security and that of our employees as our number one priority.  

    We ask your cooperation in insuring you use the Procare kiosk to check in and check out your child each day.   If you do not check your child out of Procare, this becomes a serious Security Issue. If you are not the person physically checking your child out the Early Years  team will not know if you were the one who picked them up. .  We will have to employ follow-up measures. This is a problem that we take extremely seriously.  We hopefully will gain everyone’s’ cooperation. 

    If your child is not checked in or out for 3 days or more during a week we will access a $25.00 charge for each occurrence.

  • Re-Enrollment Fee: There is a charge of $50.00  for 5 consecutive days of absence. (Not a vacation)
  • Returned checks Fee: Returned checks for any reason will be charged a $35.00 fee per occurrence
  • Auto withdraw return fee: There  is a fee of  $12.50 per occurrence from credit card or bank account.
  • Please remember there is no credit for sick, personal, or holidays even if we are CLOSED thank you.
  • We have a two day minimum that your child must attend.

For questions regarding your account please contact the billing department or call us at 724-900-1390
Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
phone calls received after 1:00 pm will be returned the following business day.


Discounts and Credits

Full Time Parent will receive one week of vacation per year.  This is a half rate for the week  
Military Discount (Active or Retired and must present ID) 5% off per week
UPMC Employee Discount (Must present ID) 5% off per week
Butler Health System Employee Discount (Must present ID) 5% off per week
Multiple Child Discount (Discount is off oldest child) 10% off per week
Referral Credit (no limit to how many families you can refer) $50.00 per family
Rue 21 employee discount (Must show badge) 5% off per week
  • •  The multiple child discount supersedes all other discounts.
  • • School age do not receive discounts or vacation
  •  If you receive the UPMC, Butler Health System, or the Military discount
     and have more then one child you will only receive 10% off the oldest child only.
  • •  All discounts apply only to parents or legal guardians of children.
Grandparents and/or relatives do not qualify.

UPMC Health Plan Butler Health Systems  5% military discount          5% rue 21 discount

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