(6 Weeks – 1 Year)

Due to there only being room for 8 infants in the rooms you should sign up in advance of your due date.

We realize that you may be nervous to leave your little one for the first time or maybe you are an experienced mother.

Either way you can be assured that your child is safe and sound with us. Our infant rooms are separate from the rest of the children and are safely gated.

Our curriculum helps your child get started in their life with stories, textures, sounds and music. You will be so excited to watch your child grow!

We believe that it is very important to have parent involvement. Daily reports are given that let you know your child's feeding times, nap times, and diaper changes. You are encouraged to set your child's feeding schedule.

Our dedicated staff partners with you to ensure a home away from home feel for your baby by ensuring your preferred schedule is followed while providing lots of love, laughs and learning.


(1 – 2 Years)

Wow! Your little one is growing up! They are walking and talking and with this your world is changing. You might have waited until now to go back to work or maybe the grandparents have been watching them. You may be anxious....

We want you to know we understand that this is a tough time, but we know how important this time is for your child's development. We are there to help build their confidence and make the social skills needed for a good foundation.

With our curriculum your child begins to learn colors, shapes, ABC's, and develop language skills. They are doing art work that builds their creativity and that you will take home. With free play and circle time they will make friends, learn how to share, and develop their social skills.

Engaging structured learning time that is flexible to adjust to each little ones varying needs. Plenty of exploring time to keep up with your little ones curiosity.

Teddy Bears

(2 – 3 Years)

You are seeing many exciting changes in your child's life!

They are talking, interacting and expressing themselves so much more. In this time period we want to develop and enhance the skills they have already learned while teaching them so much more.

Our caring staff do this through circle time in the morning. Where your child does calendar, picks jobs, and sings songs. Throughout their day an emphasis is placed on language and social skills.

We know your child is very curious and wants to explore and play. We utilize this to help them learn with sensory tables, dramatic play, dress-up, block play, art, music, and learning activities.

Creative and fun learning centers coupled with plenty of hands on learning in a stimulating environment. Potty training support begins when your child is ready.

The Starbright Room

(3 – 4 Years)

Not available at our Allison Park Location

The Starbright room is our preschool classroom for ages 3 to 4 years old and offered at all locations other than Allison Park.

In this room social and learning skills are intertwined throughout the day. With a structured learning from 9:00 am to 11:30 am, an emphasis is placed on education.

Our professional staff teaches your child fine motor skills, letter/name recognition, stories, music, and art.

Your child's curiosity allows them to explore the sand table, block area, dramatic play, and science area.

Starbright Room offers:

  • Structured Preschool program from 9:00 am to 11:30 am
  • A world of exploration
  • Children learn social skill and learning skills
  • Daily reports given to you
  • Twice a year we offer parent conferences
  • Art work sent home for your viewing
  • Circle time in the morning

Pre - K

(4 – 6 Years)

If you have been with us from the infant room or if this is your first year, it's a very exciting time. Your child is moving on soon. In this room our teachers prepare your child for their huge leap to kindergarten.

Our knowledgeable teachers help your child learn letters, sight words, phonics, hand writing, and how to spell their names. Weekly themes of music, stories, counting, math, and art help your child grow.

We make sure that you are aware of your child's progress. You receive daily reports and twice a year we schedule a comprehensive progress report conference.

With our help your child is ready to enter kindergarten and you know for sure that they are.

Our curriculum aligns with PA learning standards and Keystone STARS curriculum coupled with learning through play ensures your child will be ready for kindergarten both socially and academically

School Age

• Limited Spaces Available

Offered at our Butler, Cranberry, and Gibsonia Locations

Do you need to get to work before your child catches the bus? Does your child get home from school before you do? Are you comfortable with leaving them at your house without you?

Do you want them just sitting around watching a yellow sponge on television until you get home?

We can help you solve these problems with our school age program. Before school you can drop your child off and they can catch the bus in front of our building with staff supervision. After school the bus will drop them off in front of the building. Please, check to make sure a bus does drop off at your location they will have the opportunity to do homework, study for tests and play with their friends. All under the watchful eye of our knowledgeable staff.

School Age Programs Offers:

  • Knowledgeable teachers in the room
  • The piece of mind knowing where your child is
  • Before and After school care available
  • Transportation from Curtisville elementary only
  • Children can work on homework and study for tests

Summer Camp

(School Age)

Due to large number of school age. This room is very limited contact us to get your space!!!

Summer Camp at Early Years means that your child will be engaged, challenged, and become more self-confident through learning. All along the way making friends and having fun.

Early Years has worked with the University of Pittsburgh Child Development Office to develop our School Age/ Summer Camp Program.

We love to go outside as much as weather permits during summer. Gibsonia and Butler have a fenced in garden for your children to learn to grown vegetables and plants.

Learn more about the 2021 Summer Adventure Camp Programs

The Summer Camp Program offers:

  • Space exploration
  • Restaurant Day (children design, plan, and operate a restaurant)
  • Puppet making (children will write a play and design puppets for a performance)
  • Plant and maintain a flower and vegetable garden (exclusively at our Gibsonia and Butler locations)
  • Water play for those hot summer days!